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EXCELVET-Consultants is a Consultancy agency dedicated to Animal Health solutions in Africa.

    EXCELVET-Consultants have a very long and large experience and know-how of All Animal Health activities in livestock in Africa:

  • Diseases, diagnosis, treatments and prevention
  • Pharmaceuticals and vaccines
  • Markets
  • Distribution systems

    EXCELVET-Consultants will be your preferred partner in:

  • Developing new pharmaceuticals and vaccines to treat and prevent African livestock diseases

  • Developing new markets for veterinary medicines in Africa

  • Developing new distribution systems (conventional and non-conventional) to create better accessibility to the end users (farmers)

  • Developing Market Strategies and Business Plans for Veterinary Pharmaceutical Companies:

    • which are already working in Africa and want to create new market opportunities
    • which want to extend their business on the African continent
    • which want to start their activities on the African continent

EXCELVET-Consultants can also be your preferred partner in supplying training in African livestock diseases, treatments, prevention and in marketing of veterinary medicines.